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Dec 2020


VetLinkSQL Updates


Congratulations to our Winner!

Draw Winner
Thank you all for your survey responses last month requesting your input regarding our project to upgrade VetLinkSQL's user interface (UI/UX project). Congratulations to our winner: Emma Howell from Macquarie Vetz Animal Centre! Please contact sales@cfl.co.nz to claim your prize.

New Business Reports

New Business Report
While there are numerous reports providing useful information based on grouping of products and services as well as grouping of patient species, they have been independent and singular in its analysis ability. If one is trying to gather information on say, Revenue from different areas of the business such as Dairy, Equine, Small Animal, and so on, but also cross-referenced to what product and services these revenues are being generated from, it becomes a little more difficult.

Debtor Management Dashboard

Debtor Management
Chasing late accounts can be tedious and time consuming, affecting staff productivity. The Veterinary Industry has specific needs as far as debtor management is concerned. There are usually on-time repeat customers with accounts such as farmers, and then there are those that are repeat offenders, and those that simply need to be reminded with follow-ups. Our new Debtor Management Dashboard with fully integrated communication tools solves this problem.

Have You Switched to the New Client Portal?

New Client Portal
Our brand new Client Portal with a matching free MyVet App for your business is available now. We have migrated the data for all existing clients already. Please email support@cfl.co.nz to obtain the new Client Portal link for your website.

Tips & Tricks

Tips and Tricks
Turbocharge Your Online Booking Module (1 minute read)
When you are sending out your reminders, did you know that in your email or text reminder templates you are able to insert a mail-merge variable, that is, an encrypted clickable link to the Online Booking module...
Using Intelligent Notes Technology (5 minutes read)
An Intelligent note can be attached to a record and have what we call “attributes”. Attributes are basically features that one may want the note to perform at times throughout the program’s workflow...

Integrated EFTPOS

Integrated EFTPOS
Did you know that VetLinkSQL is fully integrated with two-way communications with the following EFTPOS equipment suppliers - Payment Express and Tyro.
Payment Express
EFTPOS integration will increase both speed and accuracy thereby helping avoid costly keying errors and reducing delays at your reception. For further information on this integration please email sales@cfl.co.nz.

Christmas Hours

Merry Christmas
We will be operating on reduced support levels during the Christmas and New Year holiday period. We recommend you schedule any planned procedures requiring support outside of the days we are closed. If you have specific needs for support over this period, please contact us on support@cfl.co.nz or simply complete our Support Request online form.
Date  Support   After Hours
Thu 24 Dec 2020  Open Open
Fri 25 Dec 2020  Closed Closed
Mon 28 Dec 2020  Closed Closed
Tue 29 Dec 2020 Open  Open
Wed 30 Dec 2020 Open Open
Thu 31 Dec 2020 Open Open
Fri 01 Jan 2021 Closed Closed
Mon 04 Jan 2021  Closed Closed
Tue 05 Jan 2021 Resume to normal Resume to normal

Move to the Cloud

VetLinkSQL Cloud
Over 1,200 VetLinkSQL V5 & V6 users have now been moved over to our Amazon Cloud environment. What are you waiting for? Please do not wait for your server to fail or get out of warranty before you decide. With a bit of planning, we can switch you virtually overnight with minimal disruption. With our cloud environment you have the following advantages:
  • High Security
  • All backups are taken care of with 7 days history
  • Never purchase a server again
  • All security & regular Microsoft Updates taken care of
  • Access on PCs, Macs, Thin Clients, iPads and Phones (Android & iOS)
  • On 24/7 so all Apps and Online Booking is very fast and smooth
  • High Speed Printing – you will be surprised!

Please subscribe all your staff

Please subscribe all your staff
When you have staff changes, it is difficult for us to deliver important announcements, notifications, and of course newsletters. PLEASE enter ALL your staff’s email IDs, including Owners & Directors so they do not miss important announcements in future.

LinkedIn & Facebook

Facebook LinkedIn
We are often posting interesting information and case studies that could really assist your practice. This is the best way to keep up to date regarding VetLinkSQL. To opt-in please go to the following links and click on “Like” on Facebook and “Follow” on LinkedIn. Our CEO will be putting an interesting case study in the next few weeks so don’t forget to do it ASAP.

Australia - 1300 361 447

New Zealand - 0800 235 452

United Kingdom - 0845 095 0132

Singapore - 3159 0522

Hong Kong - 3018 4585

United States - 8555 655 971

Global - +64 9 489 2280

Email Supportsupport@cfl.co.nz

Email Sales or enquiriessales@cfl.co.nz 



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