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Sep 2020


VetLinkSQL Updates


New Online Statements

VetLinkSQL Online Statements
We are pleased to announce our new and improved Cloud Online Statements module where your clients are able to access all current and past statements. In addition to this, when broadcasting, you will be able to attach different Newsletters to different sets of clients. Finally, you can preset monthly advert images for the "Splash Page" to appear when clients click on their email link to access statements each month.
Watch the tutorial video below.

Heska Integration

VetLinkSQL Heska Integration
We are pleased to announce that VetLinkSQL has partnered with Heska Australia to bring you full 2-way requisition based integration.
Heska aims to change the way you think about, and run, your in-house diagnostics. Together, we will save you both time and money while increasing your standards or care, and best of all with Heska, you don’t pay anything for the analysers. This will be available to VetLinkSQL V6 users from late September 2020.
Read our Blog post to learn how to avoid missed charges.

Gap Only Integration

VetLinkSQL Gap Only Integration
We are pleased to report that e-Claims and Gap Only development is now complete with trials in September and a rollout is expected to all V6 users by October 2020.

SMS Promo

SMS(Text Messaging) communication is now an expectation from your clients! Let clients confirm their appointments via SMS and increase staff productivity for you, and at the same time, avoid no-shows or late commers. SMS reminders are also a very convenient way to interact with your customers and it’s instant!

VetPath Integration

VetLinkSQL VetPath Integration
VetPath (Western Australia): All lab results can now come in automatically into clinical notes and the in-tray for review. If you would like to set this up, please email sales@cfl.co.nz.


VetLinkSQL Telemedicine
VetLinkSQL’s Telemedicine option can be initiated directly from your diary system as well as clients selecting that option when booking online. Telemedicine is integrated to Zoom Meetings, utilising its waiting room feature. Live changes appear in Zoom with clients being updated even as you drag and drop and move appointments!

Free VetLinkSQL Mobile App
during COVID-19 for up to 6 months

VetLinkSQL Mobile
VetLinkSQL Mobile App assistance with 6 months free use during Covid-19 is now coming to an end. Please note that you will be billed from 01 October 2020; you can however cancel or reduce the number of Mobile devices / licenses without penalty – just send an email to sales@cfl.co.nz.

Move to the Cloud

VetLinkSQL Cloud
Over 1100 VetLinkSQL V5 users have now been moved over to our Amazon Cloud environment. What are you waiting for? Please do not wait for your server to fail or get out of warranty before you decide. With a bit of planning, we can switch you virtually overnight with minimal disruption. With our cloud environment you have the following advantages:
  • High Security
  • All backups are taken care of with 7 days history
  • Never purchase a server again
  • All security & regular Microsoft Updates taken care of
  • Access on PCs, Macs, Thin Clients, iPads and Phones (Android & iOS)
  • On 24/7 so all Apps and Online Booking is very fast and smooth
  • High Speed Printing – you will be surprised!

Please subscribe all your staff

Please subscribe all your staff
When you have staff changes, it is difficult for us to deliver important announcements, notifications, and of course newsletters. PLEASE enter ALL your staff’s email IDs, including Owners & Directors so they do not miss important announcement in future.

LinkedIn & Facebook

Facebook LinkedIn
We are often posting interesting information and case studies that could really assist your practice. This is the best way to keep up to date regarding VetLinkSQL. To opt-in please go to the following links and click on “Like” on Facebook and “Follow” on LinkedIn. Our CEO will be putting an interesting case study in the next few weeks so don’t forget to do it ASAP.

Australia - 1300 361 447

New Zealand - 0800 235 452

United Kingdom - 0845 095 0132

Singapore - 3159 0522

Hong Kong - 3018 4585

United States - 8555 655 971

Global - +64 9 489 2280

Email Supportsupport@cfl.co.nz

Email Sales or enquiriessales@cfl.co.nz 



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