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Quarterly Newsletter Spring 2016
1Stock control
Stock Management with VETLINKSQL
VETLINKSQL offers a comprehensive stock control solution right from VETLINKSQL being configured using Inventory Locations (“Stores”) through to Ordering, Electronic Submission of Orders, Manual and/or Electronic Receipting, to Stock Takes and Stock Transfers. All with comprehensive barcoding methodology and a Mobile App. It also has full audit trails and special functions to deal with breakages and in-house use of products. Finally, it has comprehensive on-screen reporting. 
Find out more at VETLINKSQL Blog.
We are proud to announce the release of our new VETLINKSQL Website! The same great features complete with a new look and feel, the VETLINKSQL website has been updated to better reflect our business. Check out www.vetlinksql.com to read our latest blog and keep up to date with all the new features within VETLINKSQL. Our new website was designed in-house as an example of the fantastic work our website team can achieve. If you’re interested in having us redesign your website contact sales@cfl.co.nz for more information. 
1Tyro units
Tyro Eftpos Integration Available Now!
VETLINKSQL have now partnered with Tyro to bring you two-way EFTPOS integration. Development has been completed and available for clients using TYRO terminals. We chose TYRO as a preferred partner because they are Bank agnostic (works with almost all Banks), very cost effective for our clients, and very popular within the Veterinary space. Tyro is Australian based with support available 24/7, for reliable EFTPOS transactions in clinic and the option of 3G mobile terminals for out in the field. For more information please call Tyro or email us at support@cfl.co.nz.
Verifone Integration for New Zealand Clients coming soon!
Cloud Solutions & Disaster Recovery Plans
Does your practice have one? Except for large businesses, not many practices think about the subject of Disaster Recovery. This is simply a plan that a transactional based business must have to mitigate a medium to long term failure to access their data for mission critical applications. Take for example an Accounting System. Generally, a failure to access it would not be a major disaster for a business. Manual invoices can be generated and then data entered retrospectively at a later date. Now consider a Medical Record or a Point Of Sale business. In both cases the application is “mission critical” and a lack of access to the application and data could only be tolerated for a short time. In the case of a cloud delivered solution it is important to ask how a Disaster Recovery would work for your business. The weak point is of course your internet provider as well as your application provider, and its hosting and database service. 
So, let’s take a few scenarios that could arise (and its more common than you might think). Let’s assume that internet is unavailable. This could be due to an ISP issue that is resolved after a few hours. Even roadworks cutting a cable can be a day or two. These would be painful but not really critical; just wait and let them sort it. Now let’s assume a natural disaster (flood, earthquake) or a terrorist attack on an infrastructure. This is critical and access could be an issue for several days to weeks. Accessing using a 3G or 4G “dongle” with everyone else loading the local cellular network may not quite cut it. So, how will your provider assist with a disaster recovery plan? VETLINKSQL’s cloud hosted solution is different! 

In case of a major event where internet is not available for a significant period of time, your VETLINKSQL application and data can be sent to you to install on one or several PCs on premise, and have full 100% functionality! It is important that your provider is able to do something similar, note that the alternative also means limited access to your data if you ever want to change your software solution!

As one very perceptive IT consultant said in his RFP: “If I am not going to have electricity, I can get a generator; how will you keep my business running with your solution if the internet goes down for a long period? It’s hard enough getting hold of our internet provider even for minor issues. Please do not propose a solution if you can’t give me a decent disaster recovery plan to go with it ".
Online Statement Module - Client portal
VETLINKSQL now supports bulk emailing of client statement links through a secure web portal for a fraction of the cost of a postage stamp! We recommend using a secure web portal as opposed to bulk emailing directly from an application within your business as bulk emailing will have a varied delivery success rates. If large numbers of email are sent simultaneously from a non-registered or non-recognised IP address (your standard internet connection), the chances of delivery are reduced as many spam filters and in fact your own ISP will block them. Note that most ISPs have limits; some restrict the number of emails sent per hour, some by total number in succession, and others have a daily limit. This can cause major issues when dealing with bulk emailing of important documents such as financial statements which need to have a higher guarantee of delivery. In addition to these reasons, your server, internet connection and bandwidth will be severely compromised when sending larger numbers in future; we have decided to build future proof technology today with several other simultaneous benefits.

This cloud application (web portal) is designed specifically for VETLINKSQL clients to be able to deliver statements in large numbers to their client base with a number of advantages over standard email delivery. This design will also assist practices to solve other business tasks including delivery of monthly newsletters (HTML or PDF) and promotions, as well as generating hits and visits on their website with Traditionally, financial statements are printed on paper and then posted to clients’ addresses. It is increasingly obvious that sending out statements to clients in this way tends to be very labour intensive as well as slow and an increasingly costly exercise. Postage costs are continually increasing together with less frequent deliveries. There’s no doubt that such trends will continue in future. In real terms, including printing (ink), envelopes and labour, one can easily put a price of at least $1.50 to $2.50 per statement, and even more if one includes a printed Newsletter or Advert! In any case, regardless of cost, many clients are now demanding that statements be sent in electronic form as they prepare to move to a full monthly statements broadcast to clients are stored on a special cloud portal, and historical financial data is then accessible via a Practice’s website on a 24/7 basis. This is particularly useful when clients need such information after hours when doing their taxes, or when they have lost an old statement. Providing such a service also reduces incoming phone calls for such information and assists in staff productivity within a practice, let alone incurred fax and postage charges. Finally, no client can now say they did not receive their statement to pay their balance – the statement will now always be available online, even if a posted or emailed copy does not reach them!
SMS Price Explained!
We have just announced a major drop in SMS pricing after negotiating better rates due to increased volumes. It is important to realise however that we will not compromise on quality, and will only use a Tier 1 provider and service. You may notice that some providers can be quite cheap. What one needs to understand is that there are different types of services, namely Tier 1, Tier2, and Tier 3. Tier 1 is the most reliable where the provider has a direct relationship with the Telco and provides a “guaranteed delivery” service with a track and trace audit trail. Tier 2 is a cheaper hybrid service and Tier 3 is an even lower grade service. So why do they exist? Tier 3 services usually routed out of certain countries are used for mass marketing campaigns where it is not important if a certain percentage fail. For high value services such as Appointment Reminders with Reply receipting to auto-confirm, as well as Vaccination and other Reminders, we will always use a Tier 1 service. We are currently integrating another Tier 1 provider to VETLINKSQL which promotes itself as being a better and faster service for an even sharper price! Once integrated users will have a choice within VETLINKSQL as to which provider they will want to use. We will always work to bring you the best services at the most competitive prices, while maintaining the highest quality of service.
MyVet App - Updated!
The latest My Vet Mobile App has been very well received with many practices now realising its power as a client communications tool. It almost replaces a website as all details exist on a client’s mobile, including all their own information. One of the most powerful features that clients and clinics both revere is that Reminders automatically pop on the phone as they become due! While we have traditionally targeted Small Animal Practices with this App, many Large Animal Practices have recently shown keen interest as Monthly Statements can also now be accessed on the App. It also allows full searching of transactions on the phone that Farmers find very useful. Finally, the mass Notification broadcast feature from the clinic portal for events such as Disease Outbreaks, or other essential information makes the Mobile App an essential addition to a clinic’s toolbox.
Upcoming Conferences

We will be attending the following conferences throughout the year:
• Bain Fallon 2016 - 17-21 July 2016        
Pullman and Mercure Albert Park, Melbourne        

• ASAVA 2016 - 7-11 August 2016    
Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre

•AVA WA 2016 State Conference 28-30 October 
The Esplanade Hotel, Freemantle WA    

•SVA Annual Conference - 12-13 November 2016
 Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore

• London Vet Show - 17-18 November 2016        
ExCel, London

1Kieran NZVA 2016
VETLINKSQL Continuing to support the Veterinary Profession
It was a pleasure to see everyone at the recent NZVA conference in Hamilton, where we were showcasing our new VETLINKSQL Apps! We enjoyed seeing some new faces and received a lot of feedback and ideas on how to improve these features to better suit your businesses. We have had a lot of interest in our updated Mobile Billing App, and it’s great to see practices expand their reach to Farm visits and house-calls to provide high standards of care outside of the clinic. Looking forward to seeing you all at the next event!
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