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Have you ever needed to set up holidays in the diary so no appointments are made on that day? Todays tip outlines how to do this inside VetlinkSQL. 

How Do I Set Up Holidays?
Login with the highest rights you have, then go to Options | Picklists Setup | Diary | double-click 'Holidays' | the holidays list is displayed.  Click the blue '+' symbol to add a new holiday | enter the date and name  of the holiday | set the 'Status' to 'Active' to enable the holiday.  Click the 'Tick' button in the bottom right hand corner of the window, then click 'Ok' to save the changes.

If the holiday is already entered but is for a previous year just click on the date and select the correct date from the calander.
If there are any appointments already booked on the selected date, the system will not allow you to activate the holiday, but will display a warning informing you of the number of appointments found on that day.  You will need to move all appointments from that day to another day before you can activate the holiday.
Once you have activated the holiday, close the application and restart. You will no longer be able to make appointments on that day.  If you look at the day in the diary, you will notice the text of the date has changed to a dark red, and the name of the holiday is listed in brackets immediately after the date.
To allow an appointment to be created on a holiday, you will have to  mark the holiday as 'Inactive'.  Simply follow the instructions listed above to get back to the Holiday List.

  Hope all that was useful! Until next time..... Happy Computing!  

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