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CFL is pleased to announce that code submitted to relevant authorities has been accepted and VetlinkSQL is now officially certified in New Zealand with two of the latest generation EFTPOS terminals, the Zintel Hypercom Optimum T4220 and the VeriFone Vx810.
Australian certification will be announced at a later date.

Due to the effort required for integration, certification and on-going maintenance most POS systems charge an additional fee for EFTPOS integration. VetlinkSQL will be incorporated with this feature FREE of charge when you upgrade to VetlinkSQL version 4.30g.

Using Eftpos support does not require you to remember to do anything additional. When payment is finished, the amounts for Eftpos and Credit Cards are sent to the terminal one at a time in succession. After each send, VetlinkSQL displays the amount and payment type and waits for the user to press one of the following buttons.

OK: Payment has been processed successfully by the the Terminal.

CANCEL: Transaction failed, the card has been declined or there is no connection to the bank.

RETRY: Something went wrong, resend the amount to the terminal. 



Zintel Hypercom Optimum T4220
Zintel Payments

VeriFone Vx810
Eftpos Concepts (NZ)

A serial or COM port is used to connect the EFTPOS terminal to a computer running VetlinkSQL. The Eftpos terminal cannot be shared between computers.


The CFL Hardware department is available for assistance with installation. However, any professional time used for assistance with configuration and installation will be charged at CFL's standard hourly rate. The software support helpdesk will not be able to provide assistance for EFTPOS set up. For assistance please call CFL and press 3 to be transferred to the Hardware helpdesk.


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