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A new option added to the product record in VetlinkSQL version 4.2 is the 'Reporting' option. 'Reporting' products are items that have no stock or prices and are used primarily as a counter.

When a 'Reporting' product is added to a bill you enter a quantity but no prices. Therefore the client can see the number of 'Reporting' items used/done without those items being specifically billed for.  You can then use the reports for analysis on the 'Reporting' item to find out how many times it was used/done in a given time period.

For example, when doing pregnancy scans you may normally bill for your hours spent onsite.  However it could be beneficial for the client to record on the bill how many scans were performed without billing for them specifically. As a clinic you may also want to report on the total number of scans done at the end of the month. Using a 'Reporting' product will fulfil both these requirements without affecting your financial analysis or stock valuation.

To set up a reporting product you will need to create a new product as it cannot have existing transactions or stock values. Set the 'Reporting' option to 'Yes' and fill in the remainder of the product information. As its a reporting product all pricing information will be disabled.

See the Blog on the VetlinkSQL website for more uses of the 'Reporting' product.
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