GDPR & Data Protection 

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been created to bring existing data protection regulations in line with the changing ways businesses use individual’s data. It’s an EU-wide law that expands on the existing Data Protection Act to harmonise individual’s data privacy laws across the EU, significantly tightening the regulations and compliance around data.

In short, GDPR legislation helps align existing data protection protocols all while increasing the levels of protection for individuals. It will help customers gain a greater level of control over their data while offering more transparency throughout the data collection and use process.

VetLinkSQL's Commitment

Enhancing data security. VetLinkSQL web services only work via HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), so our users can be sure that their data collected by our websites remains safe. All connections to our web services are encrypted and authenticated through a strong security protocol.

Export Personal Data & Client's Personal Data Erasure from VetLinkSQL. If your client asks the Practice for their personal data to be exported or deleted, VetLinkSQL now has a feature that will let you do that with ease.

Database Anonymiser. VetLinkSQL's team developed and successfully implemented an internal data protection act (GDPR) supporting tool called Database Anonymiser. When it is needed, VetLinkSQL anonymiser replaces all data in your database by anonymised random data to protect your client's real personal data.