Marketing Automation is a tool designed to automate communications with a clinic's client base on a regular basis, based on "business intelligence". There is no doubt that most practices cannot afford a full time and dedicated Marketing Manager. Attention to timely patient care information is therefore compromised, and for that reason, both the clinic owner and the patient suffer. To some, sending out a Vaccination Reminder is the start and end of all communication with a client / patient. It has a been a long standing issue and debate as to whether a Veterinarian should stop being the “Ambulance at the bottom of the Cliff” and provide more pro-active Wellness and Animal Health Plan services than they do now. Is this “marketing”, or patient care?

P2P Limited, in conjunction with VETLINKSQL, has now developed a web based tool to achieve Marketing Automation for your business.

Do I qualify?

This option is initially open to clinics that have subscribed to the Client Portal option (previously called My Records / Website Integration). All clinics that have web sites with P2PLimited and/or the My Records database automatically qualify for this module. Once you qualify and have clients accessing their records online, you are already able to use the “smarts” provided by this module. This is because your VETLINKSQL data is already being synchronised each night to this portal for you to automate your marketing campaigns. We have built, and will continue to build an increasing number of new campaigns that you may pick and choose to use from.

Icon FREE - All VETLINKSQL clients already subscribed to the Client Portal option can have FREE access to the following campaigns immediately for Email, including zero transactional cost.

- New Client Newsletter
-New Patient Newsletter (Multiple campaign instances for different species supported)

Typically, you would set up several high quality HTML email templates to get sent out automatically each day as New Clients and New Patients join your practice. Multiple emails with specific content can be set up to target by Species as well as an Age range. For example, you may have different email templates for Puppys, Adult Dogs, Kittens, Adult Cats, Rabbits, and so on.

The thing to note here is that this is by far the most basic campaign that this module produces. In time you will see highly sophisticated automated marketing campaigns that your clinic will be able to set and forget!

Communication Medium

The Marketing Automation engine will generate full graphical and professional looking email with a high level of delivery success via a professional email server.
SMS (Text Messages) and Letters (mail-merged PDF ready to Print) will also be available very soon.


Marketing Automation is a cloud based application with a sophisticated back-end online infrastructure that has taken several years of development; we are now pleased to introduce it to our users. The entire application is a fully configurable tool that can perform numerous “data mining” and “business intelligence” analysis, which can then be used to provide timely and regular information and incentives to your clients. Now that the tool has been crafted, the potential is unlimited.

How does it work

All data is stored in a uniform format in the cloud and optimised for marketing. The data is fully secure at a registered ISP with 24/7 power on P2P Limited’s own private cloud with data mirroring and regular incremental backups. With the assistance of marketing focussed Veterinarians, a number of new “Campaigns” will continue to be developed.

In special cases, "Custom" campaigns will also be able to be developed for individual clinics or a select group of clinics, or even a Supplier, so that only they have, or provide access to their private campaigns. Examples of exclusive campaigns may involve Suppliers (Drug, Lab, Pet food companies) choosing a select group of clinics to work with for a specific initiative. In both these instances there will be a development fee for such exclusivity.

How do we avoid spamming

It is obvious that as more and more campaigns get selected and automated by a clinic, there may be a tendency for overlaps resulting in clients receiving a large number of, and in some cases, unwanted email (spam). A spam avoidance system has been built into this module as follows.

When campaigns are activated and automated by clinics, they will need to decide which ones are important / mandatory and which are more of a “fishing” and /or “marketing” nature. The campaigns can be categorised as per the codes within the VETLINKSQL marketing TAB as follows:
  • A: Appointment Confirmations
  • E: Recall
  • H: Health Care
  • M: Mailers
  • N: Newsletter
  • P: Promotions
  • R: Medical Reminders
  • S: Statements
  • T: Treatment
For example, a Vaccination Reminder would need to get through regardless of any other activity that the portal is automating. An email sent to a Cat turning seven years old for a full Health Check would also be considered important. However, if the same patient also qualified for a “Pet Food Special”, say within 30 days of receipt of the other mandatory email, the clinic would be wise not to send this offer. Each Campaign has a “throttle control” built in so that the clinic may decide to send or withhold a correspondence by selecting “Do not send” if the client had received another correspondence from a “list of active campaigns” within the “last XX days”. This function is fully controlled by the clinic and must be managed carefully.

Reviewing the list before broadcast

A reviewing system is built in so you are able to review and edit a list before it is broadcast. There seems little point however reviewing daily data scans for simple automated campaigns. There may however be campaigns you wish to run on a less frequent basis. As an example, a clinic may want to send Vaccination Reminders only once a week, or once a month. Other examples may involve marketing campaigns where a large number of clients may qualify. In these cases the clinic may want to review and edit the recipient list before it is broadcast. For such scenarios and campaign-specific requirements, there are two further features / options. Firstly, each campaign has the ability to have a delayed broadcast by “X” days from data extraction. Secondly, each campaign can be configured to send an email to the Clinic Admin or Marketing Manager with the qualifying client list so that it may be reviewed / edited before broadcast.


Email and SMS (TXT Messages) are only sent to clients if their selection is correct in the VETLINKSQL database. When a client selects to unsubscribe, they will be provided with multiple options so we do not have blanket loss. They will be able to select which group they wish to unsubscribe from so they can continue to get important information but avoid email correspondence they are not interested in. These are the same groups in the Marketing Tab of the client record in VETLINKSQL as follows:
  • A: Appointment Confirmations
  • E: Recall
  • M: Mailers
  • N: Newsletter
  • P: Promotions
  • R: Medical Reminders
  • S: Statements
  • T: Treatment
Currently the clinic will receive an email so they can review and unsubscribe the client in VETLINKSQL manually. This option will always be popular as clinics may want to call the client in case of accidental selection from say Medical Reminders, and so on. A fully integrated and automated / unattended un-sub option will also be available later, with an entry being made in the VETLINKSQL Document Manager with a date/time stamp for reference.

Client Feedback

East Coast Bays Veterinary Clinic
Steve Gordon, BVSc - Managing Director

 When CFL approached me with their latest concept for automated email marketing I was immediately excited. As a time constrained practising Veterinarian with two busy Practices, an automated system that can provide quality client communications without staff time, training or monitoring would be brilliant. This is impressive technology and it's pleasing to see CFL are still continuing to come up with ideas ahead of the pack. A well produced email is cost effective and time effective, while presenting the Clinic in a professional forward thinking manner. We have started the trial process with CFL on a selection of simple automated welcome emails to new clients. On day two of the trial broadcast, we have already had phone and email queries regarding paying to join our loyalty scheme and comments suggesting they have viewed our website. Now if nurses focus on patient care and forget the loyalty scheme or get too busy to talk about other services we provide, I have got it covered! There is enormous potential in this tool that CFL are creating. With the trend in Veterinary marketing expanding beyond the annual exam to medical reminders relating to disease conditions and breed conditions, it will be overwhelming and costly to provide these client communications reliably without some smart technology. Currently we are working on our Silver Whiskers campaign so pet owners with a pet of a specific age of a specific species at a specific time are automatically sent an email detailing our senior care package. This gives you some idea of the potential that could be unlocked -  you must now focus on collecting those email addresses; VETLINKSQL gives you great ways to do that already. 

Pricing & Reporting Model

There will simply be a charge per email, SMS and Letter broadcast from the portal. A report will be available online for review. All bounce-backs will be collected (for future statistical analysis) and then forwarded to the clinic for follow-up. Depending on the degree of difficulty in developing and testing campaigns, each campaign email price will be different. Individual pricing for clinics will be rare but may depend on Supplier Sponsorship for special campaigns or a client’s monthly spend.

The system is designed to cater for email, SMS (TXT Messages) and Letters ready to print.
All content and graphics are to be supplied by the clinic or their agent. An industry standard HTML editor is supplied and any graphic artist or web developer familiar with HTML is able to assist the clinic. There will be some generic material and templates but clinics will be encouraged to have templates designed professionally. A master template can be designed and stored; this can then be copied to each campaign and modified as required.

P2P Limited can provide a limited set of services to design the master template at an hourly rate. Assistance required in fixing templates, html code, images, etc will also incur fees from our graphics staff. It is highly recommended that any email templates designed be tested on various email clients such as Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, etc. The best way to do this is to open email accounts on all these systems (mostly free) and send test emails before automating broadcast. An unprofessional looking email is just “junked” as unsolicited email. For some “best practice” rules and guidelines, have a look at our blog.


If you are interested further, please email sales@cfl.co.nz so we can keep you up to date on any new development and new campaign releases.

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