There is no doubt that we should be saving the planet in any way we can. Your clients will no doubt want the same. VETLINKSQL has many features that can make your practice, as well as your clients reduce their carbon footprint.

Practice Contribution

Printing of forms on paper for clients to fill and sign, and then file in boxes for years, seems very wasteful. The VETLINKSQL e-Forms App is a free App to download from the Apple Store (iPad) as well as Google’s Play Store (Android Tablets). An unlimited number of mail-merged HTML forms can be created inside VETLINKSQL which can then be “sent” to the App wirelessly over your WiFi. Once on the tablet, as part of the work-flow, clients can update their information and accept consent forms by signing on-screen with their fingers. Once completed all client and patient details as well as the signature is automatically merged to a PDF document that is automatically filed in VETLINKSQL’s document management system or as a page in the current Clinical History record.

Client Acceptance

Upon completion of a transaction, VETLINKSQL will automatically ask if the invoice/receipt and handouts are to be printed, emailed, or both. Clients can also be encouraged to receive such information by email thereby assisting to reduce their carbon footprint. In addition to transactions, your clients can also be encouraged to receive Reminders and other correspondences via email or SMS. Client preferences are able to be customised on a per client basis in VETLINKSQL. In addition to this, clients can also be encouraged to download your practice’s MyVet App and have all information on-hand at all times!