Client Portal

A clinic needs to take an innovative approach in order to develop long term strategies that will see significant benefits in time, especially in the areas of internal efficiencies and excellence in client satisfaction. One aim should be to reduce the number of non-revenue generating phone calls to the clinic, while still being able to maintain very high levels of service. This can be achieved, amongst other things, by implementing a strategy of client engagement via an integrated web site. The “Client Portal” web module has been developed for VetLinkSQL users to facilitate this.

It is common knowledge that very few clients, if any at all, will go to a clinic’s web site to seek information on subjects like “arthritis in older cats” – they will most probably “Google” it and read several articles from all around the world. So, this begs the question: Why have a web site except for people to find your address and phone numbers? The traditional approach has been to have a fantastic looking “static” web site and to use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques to move you to the top of a search list for new clients wanting to look up a clinic.

In order to “engage” your clients and their loyalty on a long term basis, we believe that an entire strategy needs to be implemented. The web site and its integration with VetLinkSQL form one part of this overall strategy. For an explanation of the full strategy that involves a Loyalty System with points expiry, Key-Tags, and full Web Site integration, please talk to us. For more information on the Loyalty System within VetLinkSQL and its benefits, please click here.


Website Integration

Since we have established that not many people will visit your web site just for common information readily available online, we need to develop a strategy that will attract clients to your web site where they can then be “marketed to” as to the benefits of regular checkups, specials, new services, etc. Add to this an automatic and smart methodology to assist with higher ranking on search engines would all start to make a lot of sense!

P2P Limited is a strategic partner that is able to develop a complete web site for your clinic and then integrate the data that sits inside VetLinkSQL to it. This means that intelligent software is placed on your server that automatically “sync’s” relevant data to your web site each night so that your clients are able to access their own information.

Benefits to Clients and the Clinic

By allowing clients to access their own information, you should over time, reduce the number of incoming phone calls for simple queries such as the ones below, plus many more over time.

  • When is my next appointment?
  • When is Fluffy’s next Vaccination due?
  • How many Loyalty Points do I have remaining?
  • When are my Loyalty Points expiring?
  • When was the last time I purchased Frontline?
  • Which Flea treatment did I buy last time – or the time before?
  • What did my cat weigh last time, and before that, and before that?
  • Can I please see a graph and also see GLU levels on the same graph?
  • Etc, etc, etc.

In addition to supplying access to a lot of information to the client, we have other benefits to offer as part of this strategy.

What users see once they login opening page

The opening page once a user logs in has been designed after consultations with web marketing experts and after taking our overall strategy into consideration. A client’s login ID is their email address (another strategy to give them a reason to supply their email address) and their initial password will be their client number; once in they can change their password.

  • Items of interest of the opening page

    Account Balance: Amount of money owing on their account as at last night.

    Bonus Points: If using the Bonus Points Loyalty System within VetLinkSQL, the user will be able to see their points balance, the next expiry date and the quantity that they are about to lose out on. Clicking the “Shopping Cart” on the right of that will take the user to a page where the clinic may display specials, or it could direct them to the clinic’s online store. The aim here is to make sure that they rush in to save $20.00 that is about to expire, and spend $150.00 in the process. To understand the Loyalty System and its benefits to your business, please read the Loyalty System Strategy – Click here to go there now.

  • Profile

    This page allows the user to view their profile and then request changes by selecting edit. This may include anything from address changes to their preference settings for receiving information via eMail, SMS, or by PHONE.

    Note: Neither the data on the web site nor the data in VetLinkSQL is able to be modified. The user simply modifies an online form which is then emailed to the clinic. Once the information is updated in VetLinkSQL by clinic staff, the nightly update will update the web site. It is only one-way traffic to the web site. Clients DO NOT have access to the clinic data at any time and they DO NOT have access to any standard clinical notes! Special “To Web” notes may be posted from VetLinkSQL under certain conditions with intent.**
  • Patients

    This section separates every patient with key information with the following columns: SUMMARY, TRANSACTION, REMINDER, VITALS, NOTES. Clicking on each will further expand and show detailed patient specific information.
    • Summary

      This area provides specific patient details for the one selected onscreen.
    • Transactions

      This section will provide all searchable transactions for the patient selected. Search options include a date range as well as product search by entering a few letters of the product/service name.
    • Reminder

      This area displays all relevant reminders for the patient selected. All due and overdue reminders are colour coded for easy identification. Search options are also available on status.
    • Vitals

      The VITALS area is particularly interesting. This shows the vital details taken such as Weight, Temperature, etc and allows the user to graph it in various formats on-screen, either independently or concurrently to see trends. For example, they may want to graph WEIGHT with GLU to see if there are any relationship. Several choices of graph types and colours are available to the clients.
    • **Notes

      While clinical notes from VetLinkSQL are not uploaded to the web, a special clinical notes form called “To Web” is available under clinical records when consulting. If this has been populated then it will show here for the client to retrieve.
  • Transactions

    This section is a “web application” that allows the user to search historical information on purchases in several ways between selected date ranges by simply typing a few letters of the name of what they are looking for. For example, a client may want to see which Flea Treatment they had used previously, a Farmer may want to see which Drench or Mastitis product they had bought two years ago, and so on. Finally, it is a simple way for them to access their own invoices directly rather than the clinic having to fax it out.
  • Reminders

    This section shows all reminders for all pets in more detail with coloured icons. The user is able to search with date ranges as well as “status” such as “Due”, “Overdue”, and “Completed”
  • Appointments

    This area allows the user to view all appointments in a list or calendar view.

* This is an Add-On feature