The University Of Auckland Business School - Industry Sponsored Internship

"As a past student and Academic Staff member of the University (School of Engineering), Devendra Patel has a keen interest in mentoring students in a practical way to assist them to enter the workforce. The Information System Project course at the University of Auckland Business School (Glen Owen Centre) is considered the capstone course in training future information systems specialists. The course’s main objective is to develop a system application to the specification of the business organization sponsoring the project. During a of period of 8 months, a group of 3 students go through all the stages of System Development Life Cycle, from feasibility studies to the delivery of the tested packet supported by professional-quality documentation. All the development work is conducted at the sponsor premises, which devotes significant resources to support students groups.

For the last several years Computer Fanatics Ltd has been an enthusiastic supporter of these endeavours. The company staff understand the students’ needs well and gives substantial support to their efforts. The Managing Director of the firm, Mr. Devendra Patel goes even further, attending all the class project presentations and many other teaching and social activities. And it is more than just attendance, it is active participation in discussions on various aspects of students’ projects, introducing innovative ideas and new technologies. We wish that all other sponsors would contribute to our course as much as Mr. Patel and his company. His projects are leading edge and his involvement is highly appreciated by the University."

Dr. Lech J. Janczewski,
Associate Professor, The University of Auckland