Syncing VetLinkSQL Appointments to your Google Calendar
While VetLinkSQL, like many cloud hosted applications, can be accessed on a mobile device such as a phone, it brings a number of issues with it. To solve this problem we have developed our VetLinkSQL Mobile App which has many advantage when compared to having the entire application rendered onto a small screen. That App has the ability to work offline with only basic and essential features for field Vets. It also has numerous security options thereby mitigating breach issues for the main corpora...
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Online Appointment Booking System - A Must for your Practice!
VetLinkSQL's new Online Booking system: Almost 100 Practices sign up within 5 weeks of launch! See why this was so successful. This article discusses why having an online booking system is a must for all Veterinary Practices, and what you can do to attract new clients as well attain high success rates for reminders. A case study will be published in coming months with some real data.
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Three Reasons why 3rd Party Add-ons can be a Business Risk
The positives are all covered and understood. Let’s talk a little about risk. It always amuses me when third party applications come knocking, wanting to integrate their clever solutions to Veterinary Practice Management (VPMS / EMR) systems. It provides instant access to hundreds of potential customers for them, and a new solution for their customers. Everyone benefits right? There are three potential issues I see with this. Note that while it does not apply to every solution, one does need to...
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The Best Way to Increase Efficiency of Vet Clinic Staff
Full-featured veterinary management software automates all manual work to increase personnel efficiency and ensure proper stock management.
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How to Order Stock Efficiently for Veterinary Clinics
Veterinary management software monitors the under- and over-stocks and automatically orders supplies in timely manner to ensure efficient stock management.
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The Easiest Way to Manage Inventory Across Multiple Locations in Veterinary Practices
Instant and simultaneous inventory management from different locations with the best in class cloud-hosted veterinary practice management software.
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Five Tips to Simplify Stocktaking for Veterinary Practices
Great features of our comprehensive veterinary management software that will make stocktaking and inventory management easy.
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Stock Management using Business Intelligence at Rangiora Vet Centre: A Case Study
Rangiora Vet Centre (RVC) has established itself as a centre of veterinary excellence by providing the highest standards of professional veterinary care from their three clinics in North Canterbury, New Zealand. As well as busy pet care services and hospital care, the group runs a specialist equine clinic and supports the farming community with 24/7 veterinary care. Large animal, equine and pet retailing forms a significant part of their annual revenue.
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Stock Management at Cambridge Equine Hospital: A Case Study
Stock management is all about tracking and movement with three key components – stock in, stock out and stock location. Some specific areas of veterinary practice management that make these components tough to manage efficiently are maintaining accurate inventory levels from items in an invoice for fixed price procedures, managing multiple stock locations for veterinarians on the road and managing stock ordering through multiple suppliers and sometimes, at multiple locations.
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How Can Inventory Management Transform Veterinary Practices?
Veterinary practice management software can streamline everyday tasks and help practices to achieve outstanding results.
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