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Telemedicine brings new opportunities & efficiencies
While Covid-19 has accelerated its introduction, new experiences by clients and veterinarians have been very revealing for both parties. There are many areas where it can be used very successfully while proving to be more productive than a “phone conversation”. Appointment scheduling will also assist in planning follow-ups to increase efficiency and productivity within your practice, with the added advantage of being able to do a lot off-premise.
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Free Reception Logbook for COVID-19 and Beyond
While most corporate offices have visitor log books, Veterinary Practices have not really needed to have such a facility in place. Staff members and visitors such as sales reps have been able to come and go as they please. With the Covid-19 pandemic in play, it is now mandatory in most jurisdictions to have some form of “people movement” or ability to “contact trace” for everyone in and out of the building...
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