The Easiest Way to Manage Inventory Across Multiple Locations in Veterinary Practices

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The Easiest Way to Manage Inventory Across Multiple Locations in Veterinary Practices

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In clinics with multi-store setups, inventory management can be challenging and frustrating. Getting inventory quickly into branches and managing the costs prove to be challenging. With VetLinkSQL, a veterinary practice management software, all stock can be captured and quickly transferred between stores. Where one store is low on an item that another store has, these can be quickly transferred between stores to maintain accurate stock figures using the Stock Transfer function. In some situations, such as vet mobile trucks, it may not be feasible to make orders or receive stock directly into the truck. Stock transfers allow vets to transfer stock into trucks as needed.  

To make stock transfers as easy and accurate as possible, it is recommended to use the StockLink App. The StockLink App’s stock transfer function allows product searches by name, but for faster and more accurate identification, barcodes can be scanned as well. Both manufacture and shelf talker labels are supported.

For example, a device (e.g. iPad) with the StockLink App may be mounted on the wall in the warehouse. As stock is taken from the warehouse, staff can quickly scan items using the app and then transfer from the warehouse to whichever store they are taking stock to.  For vet trucks, installing the app on phones will quickly and easily scan and transfer items into their truck as needed. Depending on user preferences applied in setup, stock can be transferred by the pack or by units within the pack. 

With the cloud-hosted veterinary practice management software developed by VetLinkSQL the data is available and instantly sharable across multiple branches and vehicles of the veterinary clinic.

Using VetLinkSQL’s mobile solutions staff of the veterinary practices can access the stock-related information anywhere any time and manage their stocks on the go.

If you’d like to find out how the personnel of Cambridge Equine Hospital veterinary practice managed to excel their operations with VetLinkSQL’s practice management software, download our case study here.

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