How Can Inventory Management Transform Veterinary Practices?

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How Can Inventory Management Transform Veterinary Practices?

Read our Case Study for Cambridge Equine Hospital

Veterinary excellence can be achieved by implementing better systems and processes to manage inventory levels. VetLinkSQL is a veterinary practice management software that captures all sales and stock transaction data and has an in-built automatic ordering system based on pre-set seasonal minimum and maximum settings.  

Retail and fast-moving drug ordering has become a time-consuming, manual process with too many different products, and many inaccuracies. Putting in place an automated ordering system that can free up staff time and improve customer experience instore is key to transforming your practice. The VetLinkSQL platform offers a more meaningful classification for all retail and animal medicine products. By improving our visibility on the performance of each category, we have simplified our offering and made it easier for users.  

Results can be impressive from rationalisation of product ranges, and optimisation of the amount of stock carried. Key staff can see results every day for each part of the business.  

By implementing effective inventory management software, practices can move to weekly ordering instead of reacting every day while reducing out-of-stock items and improving sales and profits.

Innovative veterinary management software from VetLinkSQL has already helped the veterinary practice managers from New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malta, Macau, USA, UK, and other countries to organise and maintain their clinics’ inventory management.

Download our case study here to find out how VetLinkSQL has helped the Cambridge Equine Hospital to simplify and transform their veterinary practice.

If you’d like to know how VetLinkSQL, the most innovative and flexible software, can transform your practice, book a FREE demo today.

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