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Veterinary Practice Management Software

The very best in Veterinary Software

VetLinkSQL is a modern Veterinary Practice Management Software providing one of the most powerful and flexible packages available on the market today. VetLinkSQL is a comprehensive software solution for the management of Veterinary Clinics.

Veterinary Software - VetLinkSQL
VetLinkSQL Mobile App
VetLinkSQL Mobile
Available for both Andoid and iOS

VETLINKSQL MOBILE is an App designed to be used by Veterinarians when visiting patients off-site. This is a true localised App that does not require a live internet or data connection when in the field.


BAM aims to allow end-users to monitor their ongoing operations through core Key Performance Indicators. It allows users to benchmark with their peers and amongst their own branches. BAM utilises responsive design, allowing users to take BAM on the go.

VetLinkSQL Telemedicine
Inside VetLinkSQL and with Online Booking
Telemedicine is here to stay. For Good

There are many areas where Telemedicine can be used very successfully while proving to be more productive than a “phone conversation”, with the added advantage of being able to do a lot off-premise.

Cloud Hosted
The best in Veterinary Software

Your VETLINKSQL application can be provided as a fully cloud hosted solution or installed on premise. With several hundred users now utilising our solution, we have users in both camps for various reasons.

Cloud Hosted Veterinary Software - VetLinkSQL
  • BAM


VetLinkSQL Mobile



VetLinkSQL MOBILE is an App designed to be used by Veterinarians when visiting patients off-site...
Mobile App



VetLinkSQL e-FORMS App

Go paperless with VetLinkSQL’s Electronic Forms (e-Forms) app. This brand new addition to VetLinkSQL...
e-Forms App


Stocklink App

Stocklink App

Integrated Mobile App for Inventory Management, handles stock ordering, stock takes, stock transfer, and...
Stocklink App

MyVet App

MyVet App

MyVet App

Our team can now deliver an integrated native Mobile App for your business to revolutionise how you connect...
MyVet App

Online Booking

Online Booking

Online Booking

VetLinkSQL’s cloud based online booking system has been developed to operate with “live” integration to the VetLinkSQL...
Online Booking

Online Statements

Online Statements

Online Statements

A cloud App designed specifically for VetLinkSQL clients to deliver statements in large numbers to their client base...
Online Statements

Client Portal

Client Portal

Client Portal

A clinic needs to take an innovative approach in order to develop long term strategies that will see significant benefits in time...
Client Portal




VetLinkSQL allows users to directly order online with selected suppliers. Before finishing an order, and if the wholesaler...


  • The VetLinkSQL online booking module has become an essential part of the clinic. It integrates easily with our website and the practice software, it allows clients to book time slots and vets of their choosing. It’s easy to choose which parts of the day are available for online booking. Online booking frees up the phone line and prevents confusing back and forth email chains, it’s great to have.

    Oliver Reeve - Veterinarian & Director, Onewa Road Veterinary Hospital , New Zealand
  • We have been using VetLinkSQL since 2013 when we set up our first clinic. It was highly recommended by one of our Vets who had already used it and had first-hand experience with their helpdesk team. What impressed me most was the their sheer enthusiasm and innovative approach with so many really nice features that continue to come with upgrades. For me as an owner, dealing directly with the CEO (Deven Patel), who has a sound technical background, is always a pleasure. He is always available to take your call, very accommodating, and makes regular visits to see his Singapore clients. We have just opened another clinic and Deven has advised and assisted us all the way...

    SuHin - Managing Director, Vets For Life Animal Clinic, Singapore
  • We opened up our feline only clinic in Hong Kong mid 2011 which meant we got to choose our veterinary management system from scratch. Both business partners have worked with various veterinary software in both Australia and Hong Kong including Rxworks and Cornerstone, so both have high expectations for the software for our brand new clinic. After demo session online with Deven with VetLinkSQL and opportunities to remote login to a demo software, we decided to go with VetLinkSQL. We particularly like the diary system which is visually clean and simple with color codes and icons (which you can activate or deactivate) that would give us indication of what type...

    Wong - Kowloon Cat Hospital, Hong Kong
  • We bought Gatton Veterinary Surgery in August 2011 and started looking for new software. It did not take us long to see how superior and innovative VetLinkSQL was; we immediately bought 5 new computers and had the VetLinkSQL Team transfer the existing data and install the new system. We absolutely love VetLinkSQL, and our team find it extremely easy to use, and we are all loving the new features that are regularly coming through from them. I must say that the VetLinkSQL support is absolutely second to none. Thank you for such great software guys! You are welcome to put this on your website, and I am happy to talk to anyone interested on up to date feedback!...

    Jason Gray - Gatton Veterinary Surgery, Gatton, QLD, Australia
  • After considerable research, several demos, and lots of questions back to CFL, we decided to convert to VetLinkSQL. We’ve been extremely pleased with the decision to partner with CFL (VetLinkSQL) and P2P (WEB Site Concept) with regard to upgrading our practice software. Throughout the whole process we’ve found CFL to be very professional and easy to get along with. We were initially impressed with the new generation look and feel of the software and are appreciating the efficiency and stability of the new software environment. The transition was extremely smooth with the data coming across with a minimal of fuss. The CFL team did a masterful job! Since going live...

    Andrew Gooley - Kyabram Veterinary Clinic, VIC, Australia